Titanium Server Power Supply Solution


In view of the increasing use of AI, 5G, Edge computing, automotive internet, and industrial internet of things, the related equipment construction will be dramatically upgraded to meet the "high speed, low latency, and big connection" of the big era construction. Various industries, including Macro Cell, Small Cell, Switch, HPC, Telecom Ethernet, NAS/SAN, etc., will move forward in the direction of "high density construction. ZIPPY provides highly reliable "server-grade" power supply products and brings the ultimate performance of "Titanium Grade" to the market with comprehensive and optimized power supply solutions.


In order to serve the development needs of manufacturers in various industries, ZIPPY provides customers with high-power, high-efficiency, and small-size optimized product choices and applications to meet the needs of various industries in the planning and construction of server rooms and equipment. We have always been committed to maximizing functionality and performance, and under the policy of energy saving, power saving, and high efficiency, SHINJU has introduced "Titanium Grade" server power supply products to the market.


In the Intel standardized power supply product "CRPS", we have launched a full series, the most extensive product line in the power supply market, and its wattage is provided across a wide range of 300W-3200W. It also has the highest grade of "Titanium" efficiency support and selection. They also support multiple voltage inputs, including 24V (BZRH series), -48V (DZRP/H series), and 90-264Vac wide voltage (ZRP/ZRH series). In the same organization size, SUNRISE also launched the titanium grade "ZRE" series of Power over Ethernet (PoE) application power supply products. With the advantage of size, when upgrading or switching systems (from normal server systems to Ethernet systems), customers can keep the size of the system organization and use the original system chassis for the switch. Reduced cost and increased availability for clients .... The advantages of this product line are as follows

In another product line "Slim Type", it provides a wide range of application sizes and output voltages to fully satisfy every application system with the most perfect power application.

ZIPPY "Titanium Grade" server power supply provides a number of special features:

  • Fully support "5000 meters above sea level".
  • Allow "Bi-directional airflow" application.
  • Full "Digital Intelligent" Sequence Control and "Multi-Digital" Protection.
  • Peak performance - "Titanium" efficiency, peak conversion efficiency >96%.Multi-mode" application.
  • Fully support "Diversified" digital communication format with SMBUS communication architecture.
  • Provide customers with good power quality:
  • *Passed EN61000-3-2 CLASS D (Harmonics).
    *Low Inrush Current
  • Supports applications in harsh environments: Wide temperature and lightning resistance up to 6KV.
  • Intelligent Algorithm" airflow control for optimal thermal balance and low noise mode.

All series of products fully support PMBUS Function (version 1.2) protocol and have FRU function. The series of models have passed the high-voltage test of the motherboard of the mainstream systems in the market, and the continuous readings have reached 100,000-500,000 times of extremely high stability performance. zippy not only provides standard power supplies, zippy is willing to take the perspective of a partner to provide a high degree of customization, to help users to face the competition in the market, in order to achieve the customer's product unique excellence

We have the most professional and top-notch "electronic" and "firmware" research and development team, to cooperate with all customers in the standard products and highly customized, to create a new power supply product experience and services.

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