About Power Supply Division

ZIPPY established the Power Supply Division in 1993, and the "power supplies" made by ZIPPY are mainly used in the product systems of server, IPC, storage, workstation, blade server, communication equipment, industrial equipment, medical equipment, broadcasting, wind power equipment, etc. The specifications and quality are much higher than those of the power supplies for PCs produced nationally. "Emacs" is the brand of power supplies made by Zippy. We have invested and set up service centers in many countries to sell our products all over the world, and have been certified and adopted by many international tier 1 brands, and have built up a good reputation and good comments in the industry.


ZIPPY established the Power Supply Division in 1993, . "Emacs" is the brand of power supplies made by Zippy. We have invested and set up service centers in many countries to sell our products all over the world, and have been certified and adopted by many international tier 1 brands, and have built up a good reputation and good comments in the industry.

ZIPPY has invested in the research and development and manufacture of “power supply” products for high-end applications, mainly providing AI Server, Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT), Cloud, PoE, Ruggedized, Industrial PCs (IPC), and Storage, Workstation, Communication equipment, Medical equipment, Network security and Broadcasting.... We have been utilizing the high end system in many industries. Through “diversified” circuit architecture planning and design, “modular” design application, and “digital” high flexibility.


Core Values

[ Innovative Technology ]

ZIPPY has a strong R&D team with many years of professional development technology and rich design experience, which enables "ZIPPY" to have more than 400 patents in power supply field and enjoy high reputation in the industry. Together with a variety of IT-assisted design systems and test equipment, ZIPPY’s new power supply products development time has been greatly shortened and R&D errors have been minimized.

[ High Quality Products ]

ZIPPY's power supply products are all manufactured in compliance with ROHS regulations. In order to respond to the earth's environmental protection, we specialize in the design and development of high-efficiency power supplies that comply with the 80plus standard, and a number of power supplies have reached the Titanium standard (highest).
We strictly comply with the "Manufacturing Execution System" (eMES) and "Automated Informational Test Equipment", and each process is supplemented by high standard quality control requirements to ensure that all power supply products leave the factory to meet the requirements of the international safety certification and pass the EMI test. Our goal and philosophy is "ZIPPY" as the representative brand of "high quality".

[ Customization ]

"Customized product" is the most important feature of ZIPPY. We can produce small quantities of multiple samples and modify specifications according to customers' requirement. Adapting "automatic information-based test equipment", the production line can execute multiple orders at the same time and change lines quickly and flexibly to meet customers' demand at any time.

[ Quality Service ]

We have a professional team, from product design, development, production to after-sales service, are focused and strict implementation of every detail of the process, through the training of speedy business staff, quick response, timely response, and the shortest delivery time to meet customer demand, adhere to provide customers with the best professional and reliable quality service!

Core Technology

High Power Density Design

Designed by

  • High precision and diversified circuit architecture planning and design.
  • Fully digitalized applications.
  • Optimized thermal modeling.
  • Ultimate performance at the peak of ultra-high performance.

ZIPPY provides the market with ultra-high power efficiency with density power supply solutions, with power densities of 100W/in3 and more.

We have adopted the "Jumping Destruction Design Concept" to continue to challenge the power density ceiling..

360 Degree Full Protection

The PSU provides layers of protection mechanisms and warnings to ensure flawless protection.


Complete and all-around 360-degree full protection improves the safety and reliability of the system unit and PSU.

Special form factor for many Power Supply Applications

With different sites and use cases, PSUs also need to meet specific specifications and requirements along with system configurations. ZIPPY meets and complies with many specifications and conditions in the applications that we serve our partners around the world:

  • NEBS (GR-1089)
  • IEC-61850-3 (power plants)
  • IEC-60601-1 (Medical))
  • MIL-STD-461G (Military) ...etc.

With ZIPPY's abundant R&D resources, we are happy to work with our customers to challenge and explore various countries specifications and applications to achieve the unique excellence of our customers' products.

Design for Ultra Wide range Thermal Applications

In response to the global climate extremes, the geographical locations of systems, equipment, etc. are becoming more and more diverse systems, equipment, etc. are placed in more complex geographic locations.

The demand for ultra-wide thermal applications will increase as the geographical locations of systems, equipment, etc. become more and more complex.

ZIPPY provides PSU solutions:

  • Operating temperature: -40℃~70℃.
  • Operating humidity: 95% non-condensing

Design with Highly modular technology application

The application of the ultimate circuit modularization, for different functions and blocks of the role.

*PFC control
*Protection and timing control
*PWM control
*Digital communication block
*VSB block
*VRM block
*Synchronous rectifier block
*ORing-FET block
*EMC is divided into EMI and EMS suppression blocks

Comprehensively shorten the time of new product development and design process and accelerate the speed of sample making to provide customers with an optimized product experience. Creating an optimized timeframe advantage in the global market.

Support Multi–Digital Communication method

Due to the extreme and complex application mode of the system unit, the system itself needs to gain more real-time information, in order to facilitate the adjustment of its own operating conditions at any time, besides to ensure that the equipment in the optimal conditions to continue to run, and through the data collection, with the aim to facilitate big data calculation analysis.

Based on SMBUS / I2C, ZIPPY provides a full range of communication methods:

  • PSMI
  • Customized formats...etc.

These wide range of communication methods are available to meet customers' most practical applications.

Control in Full Digitalization

By taking advantage of the characteristics of digital power supply, we realize the design of "high integration" and "precision algorithm" to create a new type of PSU:

  • High power density design: "Miniaturized in size and maximized in output power".
  • Reliability: The digital power supply has the feature of non-shifting design parameters. High reliability: Digital power supply has the feature of non-shift of design parameters, which can maintain a higher reliability of operation.
  • Realization of highly customized application platform: Diversified program design and programming can satisfy and realize the diversity of customers' applications and the display of the product's unique excellence.
  • Extremely high performance: Changes in application switching frequency, changes in power control circuit configuration, self-calibration of algorithms, temporary response speed adjustment ..... Diversified methods are utilized to meet the requirements of a comprehensive high-performance product

Design the precise Redundant Power PSU

Provides the major values of the redundant PSU in the market as the following,

  • Hot-plugging: Realize 24 hours, 365 days non-stop operation.
  • Current Balancing Technology: Achieve +/-3% tolerance to increase PSU life time.
  • Plug & Play/Quick Installation: Power modules are installed intuitively.
  • Redundancy: N+N redundancy mechanism greatly enhances system reliability and application.
  • Cold Redundancy: The energy saving mechanism is maximized. The energy consumption of light load mode is fully minimized.
  • Multi-mode Redundant Power Configuration: 1+0(DUMMY), N+N, Total Combined Output.... etc.

ISO 14001 Environmental Policy

In order to achieve sustainable development, we are committed to practicing the environmental policy of "Protecting the Earth, Saving Energy, Reducing Carbon, Implementing Environmental Requirements, and Continuous Environmental Improvement" to achieve good environmental performance. We hope that through the introduction of this environmental protection program, we can do our part to contribute to the global environment and ecology.

In order to effectively control the impact of our activities, products and services on the environment, ZIPPY introduced the ISO 14001 environmental management system in 2012 and obtained the international certification (Certificate No. 44 104 122111, initial certification date: 2012-04-19, validity period: 2023-10-13 to 2026-10-12). ZIPPY has formed an environmental management system implementation team and implemented various environmental protection measures to prevent and reduce kenvironmental pollution.

Since the establishment of ZIPPY in April 1983, we have been insisting on quality as the company's important operating principle, and we have been making great efforts to enhance the reliability and safety of our products, and we have achieved great results in the development of various technologies and the acquisition of patents at home and globally and we have achieved a leading position in the PSU industry. In view of the fact that the combination of products and environmental protection is the future development trend of global enterprises, the Power Supply Division has been conducting educational activities in its production plants focusing on environmental protection, waste reduction and energy conservation, establishing the correct concepts of resource reuse and sustainable environmental protection, actively reducing hazardous waste, and searching for non-toxic, non-polluting substitutes and manufacturing improvements.