Electronic Components Business Unit

ZIPPY is a well-established manufacturer of snap action and other electromechanical switches & sub-assemblies, widely used in Automotive, Industrial, Medical, HEVAC and Home Appliance market sectors. ZIPPY owns 341 worldwide patents associated with the switch division and is supported by a dedicated in-house R&D team and well-equipped laboratory.



Our engineering team has over 40 years experience designing both off-the-self switches and custom sub-assemblies & solutions. All automated assembly lines are also designed and built in-house, helping ZIPPY to keep quality high and cost low. It is our dedication to innovation, combined with genuine expertise and know-how that ensures ZIPPY retains its position as market-leader.


ZIPPY embraces quality as a core value and has done so since inception. Following the introduction of ISO9001 in 1994, IATF16949 was obtained in 2006, enabling the continued development of our automotive business. Automated production methods ensure high quality and repeat accuracy, making ZIPPY switches the preferred switch brand for challenging applications.



ZIPPY offers so much more than traditional, standalone switches. For decades, we have supplied fully customized wire harnesses, cable assemblies and PCB assemblies. Custom, market-specific solutions are also available. For example, switches with built in resister offer diagnostic capabilities for environments where safety is critical.


Our dedication to quality is matched by our commitment to service. This means quick response times from our team, flexibility to support changing customer needs, and short manufacturing lead-times & inventory solutions to help our customers achieve their goals.