Customers & Suppliers

Customer Relations
  • Predict customers ‘requirements beyond their expectations.
  • Provide customized energy-saving solutions that are cleaner and more efficient.
  • Establish long-term relationships with partners to share industry trends, business concepts and market dynamics
  • Enhance quality, service, design, and systematic management through customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Review and discuss production, sales and market intelligence with top executives via the regular operating meetings
Supply Chain Management

Integrity and honesty are the primary conditions to be Zippy’s partners.

We always treat our suppliers as permanent partners because we believe that having coordination with similar corporative cultures makes long-term partnership. Furthermore, competitive quality, technics, delivery time and pricing are also necessary elements to be our partners.

Via the information platform, we can communicate with terminal customers, system integrators and supply chains. With fluent information flow and logistics management, we’ve built an agile mechanism of request, long-term materials preparation and production capacity planning. In addition, we have a rapport with suppliers to get high-quality and competitive components for our products. We’ll offer necessary support for enhancing their techniques or management and grow with our suppliers to provide our customers with the best products and services.

New Suppliers Risk Assessment Flow Chart
New Supplier Audit Flow Chart

We will request suppliers to sign the following commitments in written documents for review. Either actual factory audits or the written “Monthly Supplier Evaluation Form” & "Supplier Social Responsibility Management General Evaluation Form" are used for grade A suppliers. A supplier shall first conduct self-evaluation and pass the review at the company's internal supplier evaluation meeting, and their improvement effect will be tracked. Only suppliers who meet the company's sustainable development goals and quality standards can officially become our new qualified suppliers.

Pursuant to article 26 of Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies, we assess the impact of procurement on the environment and society of the supply source area, and cooperate with suppliers to implement corporate social responsibility. Before business transactions, we assess whether the supplier has a record that affects the environment and society to avoid dealing with companies that conflict with CSR policies such as environmental, occupational safety and health, and labor rights. When signing a contract with a major supplier, the content shall include the CSR policies of both parties. If the supplier violates the policy and has a significant impact on the environment and society of the source area, the contract can be terminated or cancelled at any time for ensuring sustainable consumption and production models.

Level Countermeasure Qty
Grade A: Satisfactory 65-100 points Qualified 9
Grade B: Needing Improvement 51-64 points Perform audits on suppliers and conduct coaching for improvement,
urging suppliers to strengthen the management mechanism,
which needs to be improved within six months.
Grade C: Significant Deficiency 50 points or less To C-grade suppliers and those who illegally employ child labor, offer or accept bribes,
Zippy will stop trading and provide counseling for improvement,
or disqualify them as our suppliers.
Local Procurement

In 2022, ZIPPY’s local procurement accounted for 88% of total. (Note: Local procurement refers to the situation when a factory purchases materials or parts without tariffs.)

Zippy has integrated key suppliers to provide flexible material supply and alternative materials for each production base, to ensure smooth production of products and on-time delivery to customers. Local procurement is also relatively good for quality control of supply chain. Additionally, we keep sourcing new suppliers every year to avoid the shortage crisis of key components and raw materials.