Build a Safe and Comfortable Home

To build a safe and comfortable home, snap switch is one of the key components for home appliances, security and environment.

  • For Home appliances switch requirements may be from small current for signal to high current to break the circuit. Along with the desire of space, home appliances are getting more and more compact in design and the space for switches are also getting smaller. With the unique design, Zippy DF3/SM1 switch provide the best solution with compact in size while high endurance for inrush current.
  • Security switch requires low current and long pressed. Zippy DM/DF/DF3 provide consistently performance and make safety effortless.
  • Entry lock for homes requires small switch but also the endurance of inrush current during activate the motor. Zippy DF/DF3 and sealed DFW/DW provides small in size but big in inrush endurance up to 7 Amp.

Other than switches, customized module, assemblies are also available. You can work with the experienced Zippy team to practice your unique design!