What is rugged power supply?

A rugged power supply unit is a form of power supply that is capable of withstanding a variety of environments, even those used in harsh and functionally demanding environments, with particularly challenging conditions and climates. These power supplies are designed and built for the sake of withstanding extreme or otherwise complicating weather and environmental conditions. These conditions include differences in altitude, temperature, vibrations and shock — perfect for suiting many different industries.

Rugged power supplies must have a wide input voltage range and excellent immunity to over-voltage and surges to function safely and reliably.

They also need to support a wide operating temperature range and be resistant to high humidity levels. When a power supply’s maximum operating temperature is surpassed, it can quickly lead to changes in performance, component failure, and reliability. Humidity can lead to condensation—and water is both conductive and corrosive, which is why a rugged environment power supply must be able to perform reliably and predictable even in the presence of elevated humidity levels.

Rugged power supply application

Rugged power supplies are used in a wide range of markets and environments. These challenging environments require a high level of durability within their power supplies, to ensure power is supplied regardless of the harsh conditions.

The power solutions are designed to specifically ensure protection against some of the harshest environments on this planet. Ensuring peak performance under challenging conditions, rugged power supplies are designed with the following challenges in mind.

They also have a wide operating temperature range of -30°C to 70°C and a maximum operating humidity of 90-95%. As an added option, these power supplies can also be supplied with a conformal coating (A method of coating a PCB to form a protective film. This protective film is usually only a thin layer about 25 to 300 µm thick) that protects the internal circuits from damage due to moisture, dust, and other contaminants.

The solutions meet military specifications that outline the performance needs of aircraft, ground use, and naval applications.

What follows are just a few of the features our ruggedized power supplies come equipped with, as well as the conditions they’re built to perform under:

What we have?

Zippy It has been laid out and furnished with all the necessary manufacturing and test equipment to address the needs of our customers.

Our team is dedicated and highly skilled in all manner of electronic and mechanical assembly techniques from component and wire preparation, hand and wave soldering, crimping, cleaning, coating, potting and adhesive applications.

Why choose Zippy?

Zippy is able to assist customers from industrial and military sectors with low to medium volume contract manufacturing.

We provide a full range of service covering all details from customer purchase order placement through to end item delivery. We also provide custom design to meet the specification request.

We offer customers a full design and validation service in order to comply with the most stringent of standards and certifications.

Our manufacturing and test services are continually improved and developed to meet changing product and customer needs.

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