ZIPPY Advantage

Core technologies & innovative designs

ZIPPY’s R&D team holds core technologies and a comprehensive design knowledge base. Working in the state-of-the-art laboratories, we are able to design, validate and launch new products in the shortest lead time possible to achieve the fastest time-to-market. Our micro switch division is currently working on the product line optimization, development of water-proof and automotive switches, increase efficiency of automatized production. In response to the EU requirements, we introduce eco-friendly designs for power supplies to ensure the compliance with ERP Directives. Cloud computing Power supplies and power centers are introduced to help support the expansion of our product lines.

Quality assurance system & product reliability

Zippy has a robust quality assurance system in place for R&D and manufacturing processes, which has gotten the certification of ISO9001; for the production line of micro switch for use in hood latch and trunk latch, there have been certificated by IATF 16949:2016 standard; for the power supplies products, there have been certificated by ISO14000 and QC080000. Our focus is to ensure product reliability, safety and performance. Our products have been certified by UL in the US, CSA in Canada, VDE and TUV in Germany, CCC in China, SEMKO in Sweden, NEMKO in Norway, DEMRO in Denmark, FIMKO in Finland, ENEC in the Europe Union and High Efficiency 80 Plus.

Leadership in patents

In order to adapt to constant market changes and maintain our leadership in the technology industry, Zippy concentrates our resources on R&D by continuously developing new products and investing in R&D resources. We have obtained patents for many of our product features. Examples would be the redundant power supplies, thermal sensing speed control cards, hot-swap power supplies. Since inception, Zippy has obtained nearly 1000 patents worldwide.

Product diversity

Zippy manages and controls the progress of its R&D projects, and is able to highly customize these projects. Meanwhile, we are able to manage productions and logistics issues, as well as supply chain partnerships in order to meet market demands.

Global service support

Zippy has service centers in North America, Europe and Asia. This allows us to provide real-time and comprehensive support to clients and consumers globally.