◆Value Chain


◆Predict Customers’ requirements & Exceed Customers’ Expectations


On the trend of green sustainability, the demands and expectations of energy saving from customers are getting more and more. Zippy insists on the business cause of “eco-friendly, energy saving and protect the earth”, and features we are a provider of custom-made, energy-saving solutions. With our core competence of power electronics, we utilize our advanced energy-saving technology to provide customers cleaner and more efficient solutions. Meanwhile, we reduce the consumption of natural resources and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, to create higher value to our customers and make more efficient power supplies blending into living environment.

To achieve the commitment to customers, Zippy not only constantly seeks improvement by performing analysis of end-users’ needs but also boosts the competitiveness of our dealers by promptly responding to end users.

Zippy is oriented toward Voice of Customers (VOC), for instance, we make customer service surveys and end-user’s satisfaction surveys. Through the statistics and major customers’ interview, we collect diversified opinions for realizing customers’ requirements and expectations; also approach them as a foundation for R&D, system design and project creating. Zippy has great determination of brand management, and makes constant improvements based on providing thorough solutions beyond customers’ expectations and seeking potential opportunities for new products or service simultaneously.

Zippy positively establish a long-term partnership with big dealers to enhance our service to end users. Choosing partners with the same business cause is crucial for successful partnership. We share industrial information, market trend and product analysis with our long-term partners periodically so that we could help them maintain good relationship with customers and have a better appreciation of the market.

◆Periodical Meetings of Customer Satisfaction Survey


All chief officers of respective departments shall attend the annual management review meeting, to discuss the quality issues from customer satisfaction, delivery time, HSF and shipping service. If there are any customer complaints, we will take measures as needed and prevent these above mentioned issues from happening again. All of these will be recorded on meeting minutes and traced before next meeting if necessary.

◆Supply Chain Management


Integrity and honesty are the primary conditions to be Zippy’s partners. We always treat our suppliers as permanent partners because we believe that having similar corporate cultures makes long-term partnership. Furthermore, competitive quality, technics, delivery time and pricing are also necessary elements to be our partners. Via the information platform, we can communicate with terminal customers, system integrators and supply chains. With fluent information flow and logistics management, we’ve built an agile mechanism of request, long-term materials preparation and production capacity planning. In addition, we have a rapport with suppliers to get high-quality and competitive components for our products. We’ll offer necessary support for enhancing their techniques or management and grow with our suppliers to provide our customers with the best products and services


Supply Chain Policies