Employee Care

Zippy has advocated humanistic management since it was founded. We treat our employees with full respect and care, and have a good relationship with employees. We also offer numerous employee welfares and provide equal employment opportunities without any gender/racial discrimination. All employees have to learn CPR to handle accidents timely and correctly. Zippy adopts a perspective plan to protect fundamental human rights of work rules, pensions, medical care, accident insurance and job training, etc. We are committed to creating a comfortable and safe workplace for our employees.

◎ Concrete measures for workplace safety and employee health:

1. Implement disaster prevention procedures for workplace safety;

2. Annual audit by the outside consulting company of occupational safety and health with follow-ups;

3. Perform semi-annual workplace environmental analyses, reports and follow-ups;

4. Hold semi-annual fire drills along with related photos and reports;

5. Offer annual physical examinations for all of Zippy employees.

▍Workforce structure in Taiwan in recent three years

▍Educational attainment of employees in Taiwan in 2020

▍ Amount of non-exempt employees in Taiwan in 2020

▍Amount of exempt employees in Taiwan in 2020

▍Average Years of service of non-exempt employees in Taiwan in 2020

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