Warranty and RMA Policies

Zippy Technology Corp. provides customers with complete product warrant and RMA services. Please refer to the following document on detailed product warranty and RMA terms of service and related matters in order to receive the most complete warranty and services.

1. Warranty Conditions

Zippy provides 3 years warranty service for Zippy products starting from the purchase date, except for special products or situations. Special products are identified by checking the barcode sticker on the product.

2. Warranty Exclusions

I. Missing,damaged or unidentifiable RMA information tags including: barcode no. and model label etc.

II. Damages due to elements including: natural or man-made disasters,self-alterations, bad usage habits or poor usage environments (such as oily environments, heavy dust or invasion of foreign objects) etc.

III. Damages not due to elements not caused by the product itself, such as damages caused by connected external devices etc.

IV. Damages caused by using other peripheral products that did not meet the requirements by Zippy.

V. Maintenance or disassembling of the product not by Zippy professional technicians.

VI. Damages caused during transportation.

VII. Counterfeit products.

3. Warranty and RMA Service

I. Free Warranty (RMA)

Product repairs within warranty conditions are no problem; Zippy RMA center will pack the repaired product and send it back to you free of charge.

II. DOA (Dead on Arrival)

Any defective new products found within 3 months counting from the date labelled on the barcode no. are regarded as DOA. Please contact the dealer that sold you the Zippy product or the Zippy sales representative directly to discuss processing matters if any DOAs are found. Where is the barcode no.? Please click here for detailed image illustration.

III. Paid RMA (Non-warranty)

If the warranty period has ended or any situation in the warranty exclusions has occurred, the Zippy RMA center will give a quoted price after performing an evaluation (such as testing fee or repair fee etc.). In some situations, Zippy may inform the customer that the damage of the product might be too severe and is unrepairable, or that it is not recommended to repair due to safety considerations; in these cases a portion of the cost for testing might still be charged depending on the circumstances.

IV. Exceptions: Customers that have RMA conditions otherwise stated on their contracts (such as ODM/OEM etc.) are not restricted by the terms mentioned above.

V. Each ZIPPY RMA center has the right to perform other explanations to local RMA services (such as the splitting principle of transportation fee of RMA products), and is also not restricted by the terms mentioned above.

RMA Process

The RMA (Return Material Authorization) process is applicable for defective products found over 3 months (including) counting from the date labelled on the barcode no.

1. Registration

I. Zippy designed a convenient e-RMA repair system; please acquire a login account and password from the Zippy RMA center if you are using this system for the first time. (Please click here to register for RMA)

II. It will require you to enter the barcode no. first when registering for RMA on the system; so please first check if the RMA product has all the required information.

III.Zippy will collect customer information through the system when executing maintenance services, such as contacts, phone number, address and e-mail etc. Zippy guarantees that these information will only be used as indicated in the privacy policy: internally, by related enterprises, sponsors, cooperating partners, and will not randomly spread the personal information of the consumer or customer to a third party. However, Zippy will moderately disclose or use your information when required by law, or for management and other purposes to maintain or improve our services.

IV. Worldwide RMA locations of Zippy include: Taiwan, East and West Coast of U.S.A, Germany and China. You can choose the service location closest to you in the e-RMA system to perform repairs, or you may contact Zippy headquarters in Taiwan directly.

V. If you are unable to identify your RMA location or have other questions concerning your product, please contact a Zippy sales representative directly or the RMA center; you may also send your queries directly to:

VI. After completing the registration on the e-RMA system, the system will automatically assign a RMA Num. Please fill in the reason for malfunctioning as detailed and as accurately as possible in order for the RMA center to accurately solve the problem; you can login to the e-RMA system at any time to check on the repair process and receive related repair information when repair is completed.

2. Shipping Freight

I. Please first check the integrity of the product to repair when sending it back to Zippy, and please ensure that the package of the product itself is able to withstand the impacts during transportation. If the product to repair is incomplete or damaged due to poor packaging, the RMA center will charge you related fees depending on actual circumstances.

II. Please write the RMA no. assigned to you on the packaging of the product and the attached document; and please fill in your address accurately in the e-RMA system after sending the product so that both parties can accurately identify the shipping progress of the product. (Sending information: Consign method such as UPS or DHL etc., consign order number, number of boxes etc.) The sender will be held responsible for the freight if the product was miss-sent or returned due to insufficient information provided by the sender.

III.The exchanged defective component will not be returned to the customer with the repaired product. All quoted prices for product repairs do not include freight; freight is prepaid by the sender each trip.(which means that you are responsible for the freight when you are sending the product to repair to the RMA center, and Zippy will pay for the freight when returning the repaired product to you; your Zippy sales representative will otherwise notify you when there are exceptions)

IV. RMA centers in the U.S. are only responsible for domestic freight; RMA customers please provide your UPS/DHL account for return shipping.

3. Maintenance Fees

I. Fee calculation method: Fees may be different due to the different reasons for malfunction and the different negotiated prices between the RMA centers and the customer; please contact the Zippy RMA location closest to you for details.

II. In order to avoid aged components causing burden to the system and to reduce the freight paid by both parties, starting from today we will no longer provide repair services for products that have a manufactured date of over 5 years; please contact a Zippy sales representative to purchase new replacement products directly. Exceptions will only be based on the agreement between the local RMA center and the customer.

III.When the product to repair reaches the RMA center, function tests can only be performed and parts can only be replaced according to the standard of actual product received and may not be able to be fully replaced with the standards of a new product (such as iron brackets and screws etc.); please note that there may be fees required if the customer demands to have all accessories filled. If any non-Zippy products or non-related attachments are sent back along with the product, please include a detailed list of these items; Zippy is not responsible for the safekeeping and returning of any items that are not clearly listed.

IV.If the RMA center is not able to contact the customer at the contact information provided after giving the quoted price or repair, the customer must agree to automatically waiver the repaired product after one month and Zippy will have the right to dispose of the repaired product on its own.

3. During Maintenance

If there are no special situations such as special damages or shortage of materials etc., the RMA center will finish processing and return the product to you within 14 working days (not including holidays); the RMA center will actively contact you for confirmation if there are other exceptions.

4. Warranty After RMA

When a product with expired warranty is repaired, an extended 3 month factory warranty will be provided for the repaired component.


Other matters may be announced and adjusted at any time depending on the circumstances; Zippy has the final adjudication and interpretation rights to the various policies of this system.