Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development is our prospective objective and value, and it is the culture and faith of Zippy Corporation as well.

On the basis of past achievement, we develop our future scheme through pursuing the growth of profitability and creativity. Simultaneously, we’re committed to fulfilling the social responsibility based on integrity & social concern, by incorporating Environment, Society and Corporate Governance issues in our operating management. Furthermore, we take stakeholders’ concerns seriously and strengthen the influence on supply chain management. By integrating all of the aspects and constantly reviewing the performance, we enhance our competitiveness gradually.

In production management, we obey the RoHS and relative environmental guidance and obtained the ISO 14000(Certificate No.44 104 122111, Org. Issue: 2012-04-19, valid from 2020-10-13 until 2023-10-12) certifications. In product design, other than abiding by EU directives and regulations, we dedicate to improve energetic efficiency and to obtain 80 PLUS certification aggressively. For clean production, all potential problems of contaminating in the workplace are isolated so as to avoid harming operators or polluting the environment during the manufacture.

Since 2012, we’ve attended the evaluation of information disclosure held by Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) and will aim at the A++ rank for implementing corporate governance. Through the procedures, we’ve improved the transparency of information disclosure and will proceed to reach the top 20% ranking target of best corporate governance.

Positive thinking, cooperation & transparency are Zippy’s corporate core culture. We concentrate on the specific implementation of concerning environment, society and corporate governance. Above all, we’ll develop the innovative skills to raise our competitiveness and promote the environmental protection constantly with proactive thinking.

Greenhouse Gas Emission (Taiwan)

The main sources of Zippy’s GHG emissions are electricity and gasoline, and other indirect GHG emissions, such as transport-related activities by vehicles not owned or controlled by the reporting entity, are not covered due to the difficulty of data measurement.

Our carbon reduction target :Annual carbon emissions fall by 0.5%.


1.Data source:     

     1.1 Monthly electricity bill receipts     

     1.2 Monthly mileage of company cars

2. Reference:     

Water Resource Management

Nowadays, the climate change influences the globe causing drought and flood more often. Therefore, water resource management for saving water and urgent response to water shortage becomes material issues.

ZIPPY’s water consumption is mainly for personal hygiene. As the sales figures grow in micro switch business year by year, the water use of Shulin Plant has increased. Thus we actively adopt water-saving measures in factories and offices, to reduce water use per capita.

Domestic Water Consumption (Unit: one cubic meter of water)

Waste Management

ZIPPY is a low-polluting electronic component industry, with little waste water and waste gas in the manufacturing process. Waste reduction and waste recycling are our management strategies.

The wastes and scraps in each plant are sold to A-class waste disposal contractors, and are regularly reported online to meet regulatory compliance.

Over the years, the weight of waste has been less than 0.3 metric tons, and there is no concern or abnormality affecting the environment.