Power Division


Zippy Technology Corporation, POWER Division manufactures the Power Supplies for File Servers, Industrial PCs (IPC), Storage Systems, Workstations, Blade Servers, Communication Systems, Industrial Equipments, Medical Devices, Telecom/Broadcast Systems, and Wind Power Equipments. The Power Supplies have the highest specifications and qualities compare to average PC power supplies produced by domestic power manufacturer.

ZIPPY invested and established branches in locations worldwide to service our customers. Our own branded ZIPPY and EMACS products are widely used by multiple industries and well-known international manufacturers. We are an innovator in both technology and design, continuously push ourselves to improve the efficiency and density of our power supply products to meet our customer's design and customization. Our goal is to provide high-quality, high power and high density products that can enable our customers to substantially reduce energy costs, system spaces, and production costs as well as creating a better market and business opportunities.

Zippy continue to implement the concept of Problem Solving, Custom Tailor, Quality Products, and Best Services into our business model. Our Teams also believed in the philosophy of "Customers Are Always Right" when it comes to cooperate with customers to design, to develop, to troubleshoot, and to solve system compatibility issues. Newly developed high quality products are custom tailored according to customers' special system designs and specifications while providing excellent services. Our goals are to resolve customer's issues in an timely fashion and to improve customer's product values.

Zippy Technology Corp. is also comprised by other business units which specialized in micro switches, industrial high-performance power supplies, and LED keyboards. Zippy is well-recognized among international brands, our products are widely used in consumer electronics, IT peripherals, communication products, household appliances, medical and industrial products and automobiles.

ZIPPY has incorporated the concept of positive thinking, absolute transparency, and cooperation into our corporate culture and daily lifestyle. As a result we have a team of responsible and honorable staffs with great ideas to cooperate under this business model. We service our customers with more reliable solutions and our goal is to create a better future and perpetuate the business.


Zippy Technologies Corp. has invested a tremendous amount of time and effort in our eMES and Computerized Testing Equipment. Our goal is to develop the highest quality products and establish the most efficient manufacturing process all while reducing production costs and meeting the demands of an ever-changing market.

Our Flexible Production System allows us to make various adjustments to our production schedule. We have achieved this by integrating our production process into a company-wide network, which allows us to meet the schedule requirements of the most demanding customers.

Our factory is located in Taipei, Taiwan. With a capacity of approximately 100,000 units per month, Zippy Technology has always emphasized its flexibility, customization, and quality.


Our power division is particularly well known for manufacturing highly reliable and high-power redundant power supplies with outstanding quality. More than 30 professional engineers devote themselves to design and develop products with the latest equipment and testing tools. Our expertise and experience allow us to reduce the time to market for new designs, achieving lead times three to six months faster than our competitors.

Core Technology

Passive Backplane Design

Many redundant systems utilize passive backplanes, where the components on the backplane perform monitoring and voltage compensation functions only. In the rare event of backplane failure, it is likely the supply will continue to operate.

Modular Technology

Modular power supply units provide great flexibility in space challenged applications, when designed into today’s common and custom server chassis designs.

Load Sharing

Our redundant Power Supplies are all based on load sharing technology, which help to provide more reliable operation and a longer life for each individual module.

True Wattage

Our power supplies are designed to work at 100% of their specified load, indefinitely, over their lifetime. Unlike other manufacturers who often specify peak wattage which is only available in short bursts.

Quality Control

To win customers’approval by the nice quality, EMACS always keep Quality the First, and Quality requirements always begin from the first step of operations.

We received EMACS’ISO-9001 Quality Certification in 1994. In every aspect of our operation, we follow both the guidelines and the spirit of this quality system. We work hard to continuously improve our Production System, bringing it in line with the strictest quality requirements. We have dramatically reduced the occurrence of re-worked and scrapped product as well as other production errors. All our products are tested and meet numerous international safety and EMI standards.

Our strict quality management begins with product design, through the development and onto service and support. Our goal is always to build the safest and the most reliable product with the best professional service available. This has allowed our brand name to become a synonym for Quality throughout the world.

ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standard

Zippy is a leader in providing trusted power supply products and solutions, we offer comprehensive system integration, hardware, customer-centric design services, and global logistics support. For sustainable development of our company, we are committed to protect the earth by reducing carbon and continuously do the improvement to achieve best environmental performance. And hope that by fulfilling these plans, we can make a contribution to the earth's environment and ecology.

For the effective control of the impacts from company's activities, products and services on the environment, Zippy’s Power Division starts building ISO14000 international environmental management system from November 2011. Consisting of Environmental Management Commission to promote and implement the system of environmental protection measures, the implementation of prevention and control of environmental pollution.

Zippy since its inception in April 1983, has always been to uphold the quality of the company's operating principles as important for product reliability and safety. We have fruitful results for many domestic and foreign patents, and access to technology leadership in the industry. Given the combination of products and environmental protection for the future development trend of global enterprises, Zippy’s power supply plant is committed to waste reduction and energy conservation. We create many training programs for all the staffs to establish the concepts of recycling resource and reducing hazardous waste, and finding non-toxic, non-polluting alternatives.

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