Human Resources System

Zippy believes in positive thinking. Our corporate culture encourages 100% transparency and cooperation. This is why our employees have good concepts and collaborative attitudes, as well as a sense of responsibility and honour. Our employees are our biggest asset. Zippy has the best talents to serve our clients and ensure our sustainability.

Comprehensive Training & Education

Zippy has a comprehensive training & education system, covering training to new hires, corporate culture, personal competence development, management skills and IT literacy. We strive to establish a development program for managers and have succession plans in place by enhancing the calibre of our staff.

Details are as follows:

Pre-job and new hire training

Company profile, organizational structure, development directions and personal rights & obligations, to orient new employees so that they can adapt to the corporate culture and the business environment.

On-the-job training & professional curriculum

•Production processes of different business units

•Management related education

•Corporate decisions & performance management

•IT literacy:

  ◦TIPTOP/Multilateral trading

•Quality assurance & certification:

  ◦IATF 16949:2016

  ◦Hazardous Substance clauses & audit techniques

  ◦7 techniques in quality assurance

Motivation & Subsidies to Training & Education

Employees can receive subsidies for taking up language classes or training programs related to their job functions.

Competitive Compensations & Benefits

Employees are our most important asset. We endeavour to create a good work environment for all employees by offering reasonable salaries and various benefits. We hope to meet the needs of our employees so that we can attract and retain talents.