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[EMACS] Zippy release new product series - Medical Power

Zippy, the leader of power supply in high end computer server, marketing with its own brand EMACS and dedicates in innovation, is now expending into medical supply sector with the most energy efficient, quietness and environmental friendly design, and with the flexibility of customizing according to request.
Compare with others application field, medial equipments emphasis more on EMI protection regulation, ensuring no harm will be done to both human and the environment. Zippy EMACS medical power supplies provide quality and consistency power supply, and help our medical equipment manufacture customers keep high quality medical service.
Also, Zippy EMACS medical power supplies pass critical conditions necessary in compliances with EN 60601-1. It shows Zippy EMACS strong research and development ability, positively one of best medical power supply option for medical equipment manufacturers.

Zippy EMACS medical power supplies now available -- MHG2 series、MV1E series、MP2M series、MHU2 series. It can be used in ultrasonic instrument; X ray instrument and all kind of Computer Tomography instruments.
With power consumption awareness and environment protection, ZIPPY introduce all series of high efficient power supplies. These new power supplies have 80PLUS certificate which can save the energy and reduce the cost.
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