VA2 Series

RATING:0.1A/3A/6A/10A/16A/20A/26A 125/250VAC

Unless otherwise specified,a tolerance of ±0.4mm applies to all dimensions.

Operating frequency(mechanical).....120 Operation / mim
Operating frequency(electrical).....10~30 Operation / mim
Contact resistance.....100m Ω(max)
Insulation resistance(at 500 VDC).....100M Ω(Min)
Dielectric strength(50 - 60 Hz).....1500VAC RMS
Service life(mechanical).....Min.1000000 Operations
Service life(electrical).....6A~20A - Min.10000 Operations

Vending machines
Copying machines
Water heaters
Gaming machines
Power tools
Reverse osmosis water purifier
Float switches
Reverse osmosis water purifier
Float switches
High pressure switches
Low pressure switches

Contact Configuration:

Operating Characteristics:

Ordering Information:

Terminal Types:

Mounting Holes:

The Selection of Rating & Force:

Certificate Information:UL,cUL
Our switches are marked "ZIP" or "ZIPPY".

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