VK Series

RATING:0.1A/3A/6A/10A/15A 125/250VAC

Unless otherwise specified,a tolerance of ±0.4mm applies to all dimensions.

Operating frequency(mechanical).....120 Operation / mim
Operating frequency(electrical).....10~30 Operation / mim
Contact resistance.....100m Ω(max)
Insulation resistance(at 500 VDC).....100M Ω(Min)
Service life(mechanical).....Min. 10,000,000 Operations
Service life(electrical).....3A~15A- Min. 6,000 Operations

Joystick,TV Game,Time Recorder,Air Conditioner,Food Processor,Juice Maker,Alarm,Mixer,Shredder Machine

Contact Configuration:

Operating Characteristics:

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Terminal Types:

Mounting Holes:

The Selection of Rating & Force:

Certificate Information:UL, cU
Our switches are marked "ZIP" or "ZIPPY".

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