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DW51 series
DW51 series

Frecuencia de operación(Mecánica):
   120 Operation / mim
Frecuencia de operación(Eléctrica):
   10~30 Operation / mim
Resistencia de contacto(inicial):
   100m Ω(max)
Resistencia de aislamiento(a 500 VDC):
   100M Ω(Min)
Vida Mecánicas
   Min. 500,000 Operations
Degree Of Protection
   IP67 (excluding the terminals on terminal models)
   ※ For IP67 option, please contact your ZIPPY
   sales representative.

0.1A/3A 125V;0.1A/3A 12VDC

1. Industrial and automotive applications
detection of door opening and closing and shift lever position etc.
2. Household appliances
propane stoves, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, air conditioners etc.
3. Security system


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