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SW(IP67) Series
SW(IP67) Series

Frecuencia de operación(Mecánica):
   120 Operation / mim
Frecuencia de operación(Eléctrica):
   10~30 Operation / mim
Resistencia de contacto(inicial):
   30m Ω(max)
Resistencia de aislamiento(a 500 VDC):
   100M Ω(Min)
Vida Mecánicas
   Min. 2,000,000 Operations
Vida Eléctrica
   Min. 10,000 Operations

5A/6A 125/250VAC

Drives for beds, tables and roller shutters
Servo drives
Power tools
Recreational equipment
Vacuum cleaners
Small household appliances
Vending machines
Medical devices
HVAC technology
Automotive applications


For the specification, please refer to → SW series .

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