VW1 Series

RATING:0.1A/3A/6A/10A 125/250VAC

Unless otherwise specified,a tolerance of ±0.4mm applies to all dimensions.

Operating frequency(mechanical).....120 Operation / mim
Operating frequency(electrical).....10~30 Operation / mim
Contact resistance.....300m Ω(max)
Insulation resistance(at 500 VDC).....100M Ω(Min)
Service life(mechanical).....Min. 1,000,0000 Operations
Service life(electrical).....Min. 10,000 Operations

Alarm devices,Home security,Time recorder,Air conditioner,Food processor,Juice maker,Grass trimmers,Mixer,Central water heating,Industrial apparatus,Special forklifts,Special vehicles

Contact Configuration:

Operating Characteristics:

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